Roger Pugh has been entertaining people young and old for many years with his music and period characters. His amazing versatility includes many characters from different periods and many styles of music, including:

Jester | Medieval Minstrel |

Singer | Songwriter | Musician

Folk Opera |  MC

roger pugh singer songwriter

Roger’s period characters light up any event, large or small, indoor or outdoor and include Sylvesta the Jester, a medieval minstrel and jester; a 17th century minstrel and Artful Roger who presents Victorian Music Hall and traditional winter and Christmas songs.

Roger writes original and entertaining songs which he performs solo or with his band, the Stoned Cherries.

This music is perfect for concerts, festivals, clubs and any venue with a listening audience.

In addition Roger has an immense repertoire of classics and covers from the 60’s onwards that is aimed at pubs and clubs wanting a lively evening of songs they know. Click here to see his set list.