Bromsgrove Folk Festival 1992

One of my favourite folk festivals has long been Bromsgrove Folk Festival. I lived in Bromsgrove from 1978 to 2004 and so went along to the various clubs in the town even running a folk club briefly at the Grasshopper (now less interestingly the Hanbury Turn) with Bob Bignell.

Going through some old publicity material of Roger’s I was fascinated to come across what I believe might be the programme of one of the first – or maybe the first – Bromsgrove Folk Festival.

Take a look at the names below and see what memories flood back!

bromsgrove folk festival 1992


Note reference above to: Jovial Juggling Jester Sylvester – he’s Sylvesta not Sylvester and doesn’t juggle but it’s definitely Roger!



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