Sylvesta the Jester at Saltmarshe & District WI

sylvesta the jester at saltmarshe wi

sylvesta the jester at saltmarshe wiIt’s always a great meeting to have our first of the year in February, after we’ve “rested” in January, to be able to meet and catch up with everyone. Add Sylvesta the Jester into the mix and you’ll increase the fun factor.

After our Business section, with ladies taking up the offer of being introduced to the WI Moodle, and a number signing up for a visit to the Royal Mint at Llantrisant, our entertainer for the afternoon made his entrance.

What a sight he proved to be ! It was none other than Sylvesta the Jester from Leicester dressed in polyester striding into the Hall to the sound of many bells intermingled with his guitar playing. He kept up an amusing patter about his life, his costume, his experiences around the world and his love for Bromyard and its community spirit. There were mentions too of the part jesters played in medieval society and at the Court of the then Kings and Queens.

We were very taken with his footwear with its pointed toes and all hugely delighted that he survived having his hair set alight one night when his duvet caught fire from a candle !

His visit to us certainly meant we had smiles on our faces for the rest of our time together.

In March we meet again at 2pm on Wednesday March 8th in Saltmarshe & District Hall when we’ll be regaled with the “Reminiscences of a Tour Operator”. Sounds like fun………. do come and join us.

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