Sylvesta the Jester at Saltmarshe & District WI

sylvesta the jester at saltmarshe wi

It’s always a great meeting to have our first of the year in February, after we’ve “rested” in January, to be able to meet and catch up with everyone. Add Sylvesta the Jester into the mix and you’ll increase the fun factor. After our Business section, with ladies taking up the offer of being introduced […]

Sylvesta the Singing Jester | Entertaining and Informing

sylvesta the jester in schools

Sylvesta the Jester is particularly adept at entertaining children and young teenagers. Whether in school where he combines fun activities with historical learning; kids’ entertainment at festivals, “jester school” for youngsters have a go at jestering or birthday parties. Here’s a great letter received from a primary school he visited a few years back:

Blackpool Jubilee Festival 1995 | Sylvesta the Jester

sylvesta the jester at blackpool

This is an intriguing old programme I just found in Roger’s archive. It’s for the 1995 Blackpool Jubilee Festival and features Roger as Sylvesta the Jester. What’s intriguing is the statement at the bottom of the second page which states “… produced using Writing with Symbols and Gridmaker …”. Do leave us a comment if […]