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historical events jesterSylvesta the Jester performs throughout the UK at medieval banquets, fairs, festivals and any other other event demanding close up comedy and music.

Roger Pugh, aka Sylvesta the Jester, has for many years been Official Jester for the city of Leicester, although his tomfoolery can be witnessed throughout the UK (and even further afield). He is also famous for running “Jester School”, explaining the history of jestering and teaching a jester’s tricks to young and old.

Sylvesta combines colourful costumes with jokes and riddles all enhanced by his singing and mandola playing. To book him or just get a quote for your event click here.

Roger can also perform as a wandering minstrel, a Dickensian “Artful Roger” and actor or compere. In modern garb he can put on a musical evening of folk, Irish and 60s music too. His folk rock band “The Stoned Cherries” can also offer exciting original material.

Sylvesta the Singing Jester | Entertaining and Informing

sylvesta the jester in schools

Sylvesta the Jester is particularly adept at entertaining children and young teenagers. Whether in school where he combines fun activities with historical learning; kids’ entertainment at festivals, “jester school” for youngsters have a go at jestering or birthday parties. Here’s a great letter received from a primary school he visited a few years back:

Blackpool Jubilee Festival 1995 | Sylvesta the Jester

sylvesta the jester at blackpool

This is an intriguing old programme I just found in Roger’s archive. It’s for the 1995 Blackpool Jubilee Festival and features Roger as Sylvesta the Jester. What’s intriguing is the statement at the bottom of the second page which states “… produced using Writing with Symbols and Gridmaker …”. Do leave us a comment if […]