Folk Opera

a minstrel's tale

There was no spoken word. The whole opera was sung in traditional folk song style. It was a bawdy tale, based in an English town in 1660 and included the sale of a wife in the market place, which was relatively commonplace at the time.

It was performed in Leicester Cathedral to  an audience of 200, as part of Leicester’s Castle Park History Festival .It was very well received by an ecstatic and enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately, although invites were sent out nobody came to review it, even the local newspaper the Leicester Mercury failed to turn up. However,it was captured on DVD and can be viewed, either in full or edited on YouTube.

DUNCAN BRADLEY is a seventeenth Century minstrel and was the name of the minstrel that Roger played in the opera. He will sing songs, play tunes from the time  He will sing more modern stuff later if required and generally fool about as a mix’n’mingle character. Ideal for town twinning events and groups of foreign students.