Reviews for Sylvesta the Jester

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It’s impossible to cover every kind of event that Sylvesta the Jester has been involved in over the years but find below a few examples which demonstrate his skill and experience and the appreciation of those he has entertained:

Jester School 
Review of Roger’s Jester School at Brockhampton Estate, Herefordshire.
“Sylvesta was an added bonus and he certainly kept a wide ranging aged group of children, their parents and some unaccompanied adults, including us amused and entertained.”

St George’s Day Celebration – Leicester
“The extraordinarily chirpy “Sylvester The Jester from Leicester dressed in polyester” (well it was cotton but he couldn’t find anything else that ended in “er”…) then hosted the Family Day Launch at Orton Square. “

Cradley Women’s Institute – “The Life and Times of a Jester”
“The speaker for the evening was Roger Pugh on the Life and Times of a Jester. Roger, aka Sylvester the Jester from Leicester, entertained members with jokes, and anecdotes about how he became a Jester. He told us how he became the official Jester for Leicester, of his travels busking his way around Europe and about the history of jesters. To complete the evening he led members in a number of songs from Medieval Ballads to Bob Dylan. Very enjoyable.”

Wedding Testimonial

wedding entertainment

St Wilfrid’s Medieval Fair – Stockport


Leamington Peace Festival

Leamington Peace Festival

Spring Equinox Fayre – Leicester


Trowbridge Folk Festival


Living History Events – The Berkley Castle Skirmish