Other Roles

 Other Roles Roger Pugh Can Play:

17th Century Minstrel

DUNCAN BRADLEY is a seventeenth Century minstrel and was the name of the minstrel that Roger played in his folk opera., “A Minstrel’s Tale“. He will sing songs, play tunes from the time  He will sing more modern stuff later if required and generally fool about as a mix’n’mingle character. Ideal for town twinning events and groups of foreign students.


He has recently written songs for and and played an acting role in a couple of local plays. In 2012 he played the part of Muckle John, the jester to King Charles 1st in a production of Charles 1st. In 2014,he played the part of Alan’A’Dale in a production of Robin Hood.

 Master Of Ceremonies

Not shy of talking through a microphone, or without, Roger can MC any show or event and throw in a few funnies along the way.

 One Man Show

He is presently researching  material  for a one man show, telling the life and times of a very famous court jester, who served two very important kings in English history.

For more info on Roger’s history and experience take a look at his CV.