Singer Songwriter

Roger has been writing songs and tunes for many years now. He uses the guitar and the mandola, both for writing and accompanying himself when performing them. Roger has a fine voice, which has developed with time. He has performed these songs,on his own, in duos, trios and full bands.

He has recorded four C.D.s, two with Chris Conway, ‘Space On Earth ‘ and ‘Ranting in Heaven ‘ and two with many talented musicians, including some well known names from the folk scene, like Vikki Clayton, Pete Morton and Roger Wilson, entitled ‘Orchestra of Wishes ‘ and ‘Fairytale Years.

Tracks from these albums have been played on many local and community radio stations including one in Australia. He is currently embarking on a fith, to be titled ‘Life Circle ‘. He performs these songs in music venues, folk and acoustic music clubs, concerts and festivals.

Bands that Roger has performed in include ‘ the Liberty Cats ‘,  ‘Earthly ‘, who performed at Glastonbury Festival’,  ‘ Orchestra of Wishes ‘ and ‘Urban Folk along with Roger Wilson and Simon Edwards, with whom he toured Austria. He also toured Germany, seven times with Chris Conway and twice on his own. The band that Roger is presently in is folk/rock/fusion band The Stoned Cherries.

Pub and Party Entertainer

historical events jester

Singing songs of 50s, 60s,70s ( covers), English, Irish and American folk music, either on his own, or in duos,or trios, which have included ‘the Blarney Roses’, ’ Shrinking Violets ‘ and ‘ Beggars Belief ‘, which is performing currently. He has played in a diverse number of venues, including pubs, bars, parties, wakes, care and nursing homes, disaster benefits and junior and special schools, conducting song sessions with children.