Soundfiles : The Stoned Cherries

the stoned cherriesHere are samples from the Stoned Cherries’ album “Baked In A Pie”:

01 Morrisons (Trad. Arr. The Stoned Cherries)

02 Rosalind (David Evans)

03 Run with the Moonlight (Roger Pugh)

04 Si Bheag Si Mhor (Turlough O’Carolan)

05 Lemon Girl (David Evans)

06 Final Arrangements (Roger Pugh)

07 Witches Flight (Roger Pugh)

08 House in the Woods (Chris Allen/Chris Broderick)

09 Dance of the Seven Suns (Roger Pugh)

10 Forgotten Man (David Evans)

11 Cottage (Roger Pugh)

12 Oysterwives’ Rant/Ballydesmond Polka (Trad. Arr. The Stoned Cherries)

13 Day’s End (David Evans)

14 Down at the Billet on Boxing Day

Samples are mp3 files encoded at 128 kbps.

You can read an independent review of the album here.